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Brand Up Your Business

Online Course

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone trying to build a business who wants to create awesome content and up-level their online presence! If you want to stand out in your Niche, branding images are an absolute MUST and the good news is you can learn how to take these images at home! 


Why did I create this course? 

I created this course to help business women, When I started out in business and in photography it was a double whammy learning curve - I knew nothing about marketing or the power of images for my social media, I was just sharing the images I had taken and it got me great results, so by default I was advertising myself and what I could do, but what if your not a photographer.......

After 10 years in business and working with many female entrepreneurs, I have seen the positive effects that a branding shoot can give you, it's a feel good process, it's a confidence booster, it's empowering, it shakes things up for you and your business... it makes you want to shout about what you do and why.

When you start a business you can easily become overwhelmed and finances are sometimes tight - This is why I created this course, to give you an affordable option, using only your phone! I want it to fill you with inspiration and ideas, to market yourself and your products with simple step by step instructions - remember to get "Known" you have to be 'Seen" - this course will give you everything you need to start getting visible.

What you will learn

What is Branding Photography

Where to use Images, How & Why

How to achieve a Great Selfie

How to Create a Perfect Flat Lay

How to Edit your Images

Investment £77

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