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I always find this part difficult, I see myself as all about work.

I do have 2 grown ups daughter 39 on Monday and son 40. They have given me 6 grandchildren who think I am 36. (Why should I delude them I say)

Wicked sense of humour, can be a tad dry. I am nurse, and at times hated it but love the people I have come across what they have overcome and survived, no-one realises.

My first passion was diabetes but now I have been introduced to Aesthetics and boy I love it! I am also a Nurse Prescriber which is totally going to come in handy.

I love travelling, unfortunately food and laughing. Long time dead I say.

I am here to get my Aesthetics Business off the ground. I have 3 years before my state pension and I have to buy the home I rent and have savings to go on my travels, not a tall order. 🙃


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